Due to a lack of time and other factors we regret that NavRules is no longer supported and there are no future plans for the program at this point. You may download the latest version of the program and can register the program for free using the following information:

User name: Registered User
Registration Key: 1BE8-0337-E3D1-14C7

A version of NavRules for Windows that can be freely distributed within the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard Reserves, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and other similar organizations is also available. NavRules is currently in use in many Coast Guard stations and Auxiliary flotillas from Boston to Alaska to Guam! This version is functionally identical to the shareware version but displays the Auxiliary Ensign and contains a notice that it is for use only within these organizations and similar organizations in other countries. This version can be downloaded here however it requires a password to install. To obtain the password requesting the password. Be sure to include your unit information, member number, or other verifiable information.  An e-mail from a domain such as,, etc. is also acceptable. Note that this version is only for groups described above. Any e-mail requesting this password will be ignored unless the above information is provided with your request.


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